Welcome to my WordPress website about science and technology.

My name is Jonathan Palombi. I was born on January 17th 1987 in Frankfurt a.M., Germany and attended the “Martin-Behaim-Gymnasium” in Nuremberg, a scientific high school with a linguistic branch. Since October 2009 I have been studying Mechatronics at the “Technische Universität Darmstadt” university in Darmstadt. I gained work experience at Siemens AG, Spark5 GmbH, my university and am currently doing an internship at Porsche AG.

This site is meant to be both, a platform for discussion and a source of information. It doesn’t claim to be a comprehensive book of reference concerning its articles as for that one can find far more elaborate websites on the internet. Rather, it’s meant to reflect ideas and thoughts of individuals who want to share their knowledge and passion for science and technology with other people. As technology grows at ever faster rates – according to Moore’s law it’s an exponential growth – special emphasis shall be put on new technologies and developments and first hand ideas or inventions are very welcome to be shared and supported.
Nonetheless as this site claims to contain scientifically correct and rational information every post and comment will be investigated accordingly and if necessary edited or removed.

I hope you will enjoy reading through this site and maybe find some inspiration or ways of inspiring others.

As this project is still at the beginning stage any sort of feedback is very welcome.
Thank you for your cooperation.